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Smok Fetch Pro Pods


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Smok Fetch Pro Pods

The Smok Fetch Pro Pods are a game changer in the world of vaping. These 2ml refillable pods are made specifically for the RPM coils, providing an unrivalled MTL (mouth-to-lung) experience. The Fetch Pro Pods by Smok are designed for both MTL and DTL vapers and have adjustable airflow, which is uncommon in such devices. These Vape Pods redefine adaptability with a strong magnetic attachment to the mod and compatibility with Smok’s RPM Series coils. The Fetch Pro Pods give consistently smooth and tasty hits whether you use High PG, 50/50, or nicotine Salt E-Liquid.


Adjustable Airflow: Tailor your vaping experience to your tastes.

Versatile Compatibility: Works with High PG, 50/50, and nicotine Salt E-Liquids without a hitch.

Magnetic Connection: This feature ensures that the pod remains securely linked to the mod, avoiding inadvertent removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use other coils with the Smok Fetch Pro Pods?

The Fetch Pro Pods by Smok are intended for use with the RPM Series coils from Smok. Other coils may not deliver the best vaping experience.

How do I adjust the airflow on the Smok Fetch Pro Pods?

The ventilation mechanism in the pods is customizable. Simply rotate the airflow ring to increase or reduce the airflow as desired.

Is there a risk of the pod detaching from the mod during use?

No, the Smok Fetch Pro Pods are securely attached to the mod by powerful magnets, guaranteeing them remain in place even during vigorous use.

Smok Fetch Pro Pods



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