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OBS Alter Pod Replacement (2pcs)


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OBS Alter Pod Replacement (2pcs)

Introducing the OBS Alter Pod Replacement (2pcs) – an essential accessory for your OBS Alter Kit. These specially designed pods are the heart of your vaping experience, serving as a reservoir for your favourite e-liquids while housing the coil. This dynamic combination ensures a seamless and flavourful vape every time you use your OBS Alter Kit. When your coil reaches the end of its life, these replacement pods are your solution, offering the freedom to continue your vaping journey. Crafted with precision, these pods guarantee compatibility and performance, aligning perfectly with the OBS Alter Kit. Trust in authenticity for optimal functionality and safety.



Specially Designed for OBS Alter Kit: These replacement pods are exclusively crafted for the OBS Alter Kit, ensuring a perfect fit and functionality.

E-Liquid Container: The OBS Alter Pod act as a container for your e-liquid, allowing you to carry your preferred flavours wherever you go.

Houses the Coil: Inside each pod, the coil finds its home, ensuring efficient vaporization for a satisfying vape experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many pods are included in this pack?
The OBS Alter Pod Replacement pack includes 2 pods, allowing you to have a spare when you need it most.

Are these pods compatible with other devices?
No, these pods are specifically designed for use with the OBS Alter Kit and may not be compatible with other devices.

Can I refill these pods with my own e-liquids?
Yes, you can refill these pods with your favourite e-liquids, providing flexibility in choosing your preferred flavours.


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