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Voopoo PnP Pod Drag S | Drag X 4.5ml Pod Replacement (Pack of 2)


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Voopoo PnP Pod Drag S | Drag X 4.5ml Pod Replacement (Pack of 2)

The Voopoo PnP Pod is a game-changer for vapers. This pod is designed specifically for the Drag X/Drag S Kit and guarantees a smooth vaping experience. It has a substantial 4.5ml capacity and is composed of long-lasting PCTG material. Whether you prefer MTL or want a more restricted draw, the  PnP Pod by Voopoo has you covered.


Material Durability: Made of high-quality PCTG, the  PnP Pod by Voopoo is not only strong but also resistant to wear and tear. This material selection guarantees that the pod stays sturdy even after repeated usage, providing vapers with a dependable and long-lasting vaping partner.

Universal Compatibility: The Voopoo PnP Pod’s diversity in coil compatibility is one of its most notable characteristics. It’s intended to work with all PnP coils, including the RBA. This means that vapers may tailor their vaping experience to their coil preferences without the need for several pods.

Convenient Bottom Fill Design: The Voopoo PnP Pod’s straightforward bottom fill design makes refilling a snap. This design guarantees that vapers may simply replace their E-liquid while making as little mess as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I replace my Voopoo PnP Pod?

The frequency of replacement is determined by usage. However, replacing the pod every 1-2 weeks or when you detect a decrease in flavour or vapour production is suggested for maximum functioning.

Can I use different types of E-Liquids with the Voopoo PnP Pod?

Yes, the pod is intended to be adaptable. However, be sure the e-liquid you’re using is compatible with the coil you’re using.

Are the Vape Pods leak-proof?

The Voopoo PnP Pod is built to be leak-free. To prevent leaking, always ensure that the pod is securely sealed and filled.


Voopoo PnP Pod Voopoo PnP Pod Voopoo PnP Pod

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