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iSub Apex Tank

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iSub Apex Tank

Improve your vaping experience with the iSub Apex Tank, a TPD-compliant wonder designed for individuals who value both performance and simplicity. This tank is ideal for individuals on the go, with a small 2ml capacity.


The iSub Apex Tank has a one-of-a-kind “Prism+” convection airflow mechanism. It has two airflow ports on the top that channel air down the outer chamber and up through the atomizer heads. This novel design maximises flavour delivery while minimising leakage, resulting in a consistently enjoyable vaping experience.

E-Liquid Top-Filling Made Simple: Say goodbye to messy refills. With its easy top-filling method, the iSub Apex  streamlines the procedure. There will be no more disassembly or spills, just simple e-liquid replacement.

No-Spill Coil exchange: The “No-spill coil swap” mechanism from Innokin makes coil replacement a snap. Maintenance is simple, enabling you to concentrate on enjoying your favourite e-liquids.

Frequently asked questions

What is the iSub Apex Tank’s capacity?
TPD laws require a tank with a capacity of 2ml.

What is the operation of the Prism+ convection airflow system?
The Prism+ system employs top-mounted twin airflow holes to drive air down the outer chamber and up through the atomizer heads, improving flavour and lowering leakage risk.

Is it simple to replenish the tank?
Absolutely! The iSub Apex  has an easy-to-use top-filling system for quick e-liquid refills.


Stainless Steel

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