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Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank


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Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank

Introducing the Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank, a miniature marvel that encapsulates the renowned quality of its larger predecessor. Crafted from stainless steel and robust Pyrex glass, this tank is a testament to Aspire’s commitment to excellence. The Nautilus Mini is designed to provide exceptional vaping experiences, using Aspire’s specialized Nautilus coils. Its versatile nature extends compatibility to Aspire’s Triton Mini coils, offering options for various preferences. While not strictly a Sub Ohm tank, it can cater to a wide range of vapers seeking compact yet high-performance solutions. Elevate your vape game with the Aspire Nautilus Mini.



Compact Design: The Nautilus Mini offers a compact, portable design that fits easily in your hand or pocket.

Stainless Steel Build: Constructed from durable stainless steel, it ensures longevity and robustness.

Pyrex Glass Tank: The Pyrex glass tank not only adds to the tank’s aesthetics but also maintains the purity of your e-liquid’s flavour.

Versatile Coil Compatibility: Designed for Aspire’s Nautilus coils, it also works with Triton Mini coils, providing flexibility in vaping styles.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which coils can I use with this tank?
The Nautilus Mini tank is compatible with Aspire’s Nautilus coils, specifically designed for it, as well as Triton Mini coils, providing options for different vaping styles.

What is the advantage of using Pyrex glass in the tank?
Pyrex glass ensures the preservation of your e-liquid’s flavour purity and provides an aesthetically pleasing, clear view of your remaining e-liquid.

How much e-liquid does the Nautilus Mini tank hold?
The tank has a 2ml e-liquid capacity, suitable for extended vaping sessions without frequent refilling.

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