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Vaporesso iTank

Introducing the Vaporesso iTank, your ultimate choice for a remarkable sub-ohm vaping experience. This exceptional tank is designed to elevate your vapour production, making it a perfect fit for cloud chasers and flavour enthusiasts alike. With compatibility across the entire range of Vaporesso GTi coils, you’ll relish a Direct To Lung (DTL) inhale that delivers a profound and immersive sensation. What sets the iTank apart is its inclusivity; inside the box, you’ll discover a pair of high-performing GTi mesh coils, one with 0.2 Ohm and the other with 0.4 Ohm. This means you can swiftly connect it to your mod and enjoy a rich and flavourful vape without delay. The Vaporesso iTank brings effortless vaping to your fingertips.



Enhanced Vapour Production: The Vaporesso iTank is engineered to provide exceptional vapour production, making it an excellent choice for cloud enthusiasts.

Sub-Ohm Vaping: Designed for genuine sub-ohm vaping experiences, allowing you to enjoy rich, full-bodied flavour and impressive clouds.

GTi Coil Compatibility: Versatility is key. With compatibility for Vaporesso GTi coils, you can tailor your vaping experience to your preferences.

DTL Inhale: Experience Direct To Lung inhales that immerse you in the full depth of your chosen e-liquid’s flavour.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Direct To Lung (DTL) inhales, and how does the iTank support them?
DTL inhales involve drawing the vapour directly into the lungs, creating a more intense and immersive vaping experience. The Vaporesso iTank is designed for DTL inhales, ensuring you enjoy the full flavour and depth of your e-liquids.

What’s the benefit of having two mesh coils included with the iTank?
The iTank includes a 0.2 Ohm and a 0.4 Ohm GTi mesh coil, giving you options for different vaping preferences. The lower resistance coil (0.2 Ohm) is ideal for larger clouds, while the 0.4 Ohm coil provides a balanced flavour and vapour experience.

Can I use the Vaporesso iTank with my existing mod?
Yes, the Vaporesso iTank is designed to be compatible with a wide range of mods, allowing you to pair it with your preferred vaping device for a personalised experience.


Midnight Blue, Light Silver, Matte Grey, Aurora Green, Dark Black, Sunset Gold

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