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Voopoo PNP Coils (Pack of 5)


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Voopoo PNP Coils (Pack of 5)

Voopoo PNP Coils, the pinnacle of coil technology, will elevate your vaping experience by delivering better taste, even heating, and effective wicking. These coils are a testament to Voopoo’s dedication to provide vapers with the highest level of enjoyment.


Enhanced Flavor: Voopoo PNP Coils are engineered to extract every nuance of flavor from your favorite e-liquids. With meticulous design and construction, these coils ensure that each inhale is a burst of rich, satisfying flavor.

Even Heating: Achieve consistent and uniform heating across the coil surface. Say goodbye to uneven temperature distribution and enjoy a smoother, more enjoyable vaping experience.

Efficient Wicking: Proper wicking is crucial for preventing dry hits and maximizing coil lifespan. Voopoo Coils feature high-quality wicking material that efficiently absorbs and delivers e-liquid to the heating element, ensuring a continuous and satisfying vape

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Voopoo PNP Coils work with all Voopoo devices?
Voopoo Coils are intended for use with a variety of Voopoo devices, including the Drag X, Drag S, and Vinci series. Nonetheless, it is critical to confirm the compatibility of your unique device before usage.

How frequently should I replace my Voopoo PNP Coil?
A coil’s lifespan varies dependent on things such as vaping frequency and e-liquid utilised. In general, we recommend changing the coil after 1-2 weeks of usage if you detect a drop in taste quality or vapour output.

Can I use Voopoo PNP Coils with high VG e-liquids?
Yes, these coils are compatible with high VG e-liquids, which are noted for generating thick clouds.

Voopoo Coils will take your vaping experience to the next level. For a constantly enjoyable vape, enjoy increased taste, even heating, and effective wicking. Upgrade your coils today and experience the accuracy and brilliance that Voopoo engineering is known for.


PNP VM4 0.6, PNP VM1 0.3, PNP VM5 0.2, PNP VM6 0.15, PNP VM3 0.45, PNP M2 0.6, PNP TM1 0.6, TM2 0.8 Mesh, TR1 1.2, PNP R1 0.8, PNP VM2 0.6

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