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Smok Stick M17 Coils


Pack of 5

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Smok Stick M17 Coils

Introducing the Smok M17 Coils – the ultimate choice for those who demand an exceptional vaping experience. Designed to perfectly complement the Stick M17 Pen Style Starter kit, these coils are engineered to deliver outstanding performance and flavour like never before.


Elongated Design: The Smok M17 Coils feature a unique elongated design that optimizes the vaping experience. This design enhances the overall performance of your Stick M17 Pen Style Starter kit, ensuring that you get the most out of every puff.

Quad Wicking Ports: Equipped with four wicking ports, these coils guarantee rapid and consistent wicking. Say goodbye to dry hits and hello to uninterrupted vaping pleasure.

Flavour-Oriented Delivery: These coils are specially crafted for flavour enthusiasts. You’ll experience the full spectrum of flavour notes in your e-liquids, making every vape session a sensory delight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these coils compatible with the Smok Priv M17 Kit?
Yes, the Smok M17 Coils are designed for use in both the Smok M17 Kit and the Smok Priv M17 Kit, ensuring versatile compatibility for your vaping needs.

How often should I replace these coils?
The lifespan of your coils can vary depending on usage and the type of e-liquid you use. On average, it’s recommended to replace them every 1-2 weeks to maintain optimal flavour and performance.

Can I use these coils for sub-ohm vaping?
These coils are designed for low to mid-wattage vaping, making them suitable for a balanced vaping experience. If you’re looking for sub-ohm coils, we recommend exploring our range of sub-ohm options.



Stick-M17 0.6, Stick-M17 0.4

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