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Ultimate Apple Mango Salts Sherbet 10ml


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Ultimate Apple Mango Salts Sherbet 10ml

Your taste senses will be treated to a wonderful mix of the juiciest apples and succulent mangoes, masterfully combined into a cooling sherbet sensation by Ultimate Apple Mango Salts Sherbet 10ml. The crisp and sweet flavours of ripe apples take centre stage with each inhalation, providing a blast of delicious goodness that arouses your palette. Mangoes’ tropical fragrance and the bubbly sherbet combine as you exhale to produce a mellow yet energising vape.


  • A luscious  fruit profile with a dynamic and multi-layered flavour is produced by a delectable combination of juicy apples and succulent mangoes.
  • The fruity combination is given a pleasant and effervescent touch by the addition of fizzy sherbet, which also improves the whole vaping experience.
  • Designed for vapers who enjoy the marriage of sweet and sour fruits with the thrilling sherbet feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Apple Mango by Ultimate Salts Sherbet offer an authentic fruit blend?
Absolutely, this e-liquid combines the authentic and juicy flavours of ripe apples and succulent mangoes, providing a deliciously refreshing fruit experience.

Are all vaporizers compatible with the 10ml bottle of Ultimate Apple Mango Salts Sherbet?
Pod systems and sub-ohm tanks are the only two vape mods that Ultimate Apple Mango is intended to function with.

If I need to store this E-Liquid, how should I do it?
To retain flavour and freshness, store Ultimate Apple Mango Salts Sherbet 10ml E-Liquid in a cool, dark location away from heat and sunlight.


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