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Colinss Magic Amber 10ml


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Colinss Magic Amber 10ml

Enjoy the alluring flavour of Colinss Magic Amber 10ml, a truly lovely combination that perfectly evokes the flavour of grandma’s homemade apple pie. Your senses will be enveloped by the comfortable and nostalgic flavour of warm apple pie with every inhalation, and the experience will be enhanced with a few discreet notes of aromatic cinnamon.


  • Convenient 10ml Size: This bottle size is ideal for both novice vapers and seasoned fans. It is convenient to use, fits well in your pocket, and has enough liquid for multiple vaping sessions.
  • A Vaper’s Delight Colinss Magic Amber 10ml is the ideal option for those seeking an opulent and sophisticated dessert flavour, whether you’re looking to rest after a long day or upgrade your vaping experience.
  • The inhale is dominated by the delicious, rich notes of ripe apples, which bring to mind the beloved handmade pies of the past.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can children open the Colinss Magic Amber 10ml bottle?
Yes, there is a childproof top on the bottle to keep little ones safe. Because it requires some skill to open, it could be challenging for kids to get to the E-Liquid.

Does this E-Liquid function with my vaping setup?
Yes, a variety of vaping equipment, like as pod systems, vape pens, and box mods, are compatible with Colinss Magic Amber 10ml E-Liquid.

How should the 10-milliliter bottle be kept?
The 10ml bottle’s design places an emphasis on portability and easy storage. For optimal results, keep it in a place that’s cold, dry, and shielded from sunlight.


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