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TenTen Watermelon Ice By 100ML Shortfill


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TenTen Watermelon Ice By 100ML Shortfill

Discover the appeal of TenTen , a fantastic vaping experience unlike any other. The natural sweetness of luscious watermelon combined with the exhilarating coolness of menthol in our 100ML shortfill container is your ticket to vaping heaven. With this excellent combination, you’ll be transported to a world of flavour and delight.


Watermelon Juice: Enjoy the luscious burst of ripe watermelon.

Cooling Menthol: Feel the revitalising hug of menthol as it lifts your spirits.

100ML Shortfill: Large e-liquid capacity for long-term pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proper way to utilise the TenTen Watermelon Ice Shortfill?
Simply fill your vape tank with the e-liquid, let it soak into the coil, and enjoy the delicious watermelon and menthol flavours.

How strong is the nicotine in TenTen Watermelon Ice?
TenTen  is a shortfill, which means it contains no nicotine. If desired, you can add your chosen nicotine shot.

Is TenTen Watermelon Ice compatible with all vaping devices?
Yes, it is compatible with the majority of vape devices. Check that your gadget is suited for shortfills and follow its instructions.

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