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Nasty Bronze Blend by Nasty Tobacco Series 60ml


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Nasty Bronze Blend by Nasty Tobacco Series 60ml

Indulge in the exquisite blend of Nasty Bronze Blend by Nasty Tobacco Series, a 60ml shortfill e-liquid that transcends traditional vaping boundaries. This tantalizing concoction seamlessly marries the robust essence of woody tobacco with the luscious embrace of smooth caramel. Inhale the deep, earthy tones of tobacco as they form a solid foundation, only to be beautifully uplifted on the exhale by the velvety sweetness of caramel, creating a harmonious symphony of flavours that dance across your palate.

Bronze Blend Tobacco E Liquid by Nasty Juice


Layered Fusion: Nasty Bronze Blend combines the best of both worlds, fusing the richness of tobacco with the sweetness of caramel for a truly unique and layered vaping experience.

Shortfill Convenience: With a generous 50ml of e-liquid, there’s ample room to add your preferred 10ml nicotine shot, allowing you to customise your nicotine strength.

Part of Nasty Tobacco Series: This e-liquid is part of the Nasty Tobacco Series, known for its premium quality and innovative flavour profiles.

Frequently Asked Question

How much nicotine can I add to the Bronze Blend 50ml shortfill?
You can add a 10ml nicotine shot of your choice to the 50ml shortfill. For instance, adding a 9mg, 10ml nicotine shot will result in 60ml of 1.5mg e-liquid, delivering a smooth and satisfying throat hit.

Is Nasty Bronze Blend suitable for tobacco enthusiasts?
Absolutely! Nasty Bronze Blend is expertly crafted to cater to tobacco enthusiasts, blending the deep, woody notes of tobacco with the sweetness of caramel, creating a rich and layered vaping experience.

What sets Nasty Tobacco Series apart?
Nasty Tobacco Series is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation. The series consistently delivers premium e-liquids with unique flavour profiles, ensuring that each vaping session is a memorable one.

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