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Super Ice Menthol by Kingston 100ml


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Super Ice Menthol by Kingston 100ml

Indulge in the refreshing world of Kingston’s Super Ice Menthol, a 100ml vape juice that offers an amazing vaping experience. With each puff, immerse yourself in a symphony of minty freshness that will energise your senses.


Super Ice Menthol: An unrivalled rush of refreshing mint, giving a revitalising vaping experience like no other.
Arctic Blast: Feel the cold minty flavour envelop your taste senses, creating a thrilling and exhilarating feeling.
Super Ice Menthol: huge 100ml bottle, ensuring you have plenty of vape juice to enjoy without constantly refilling.

Frequently asked questions

Is Super Ice compatible with all vaping devices?
Yes, it’s compatible with most vape devices, but to properly experience its frosty mintiness, it’s most suited for sub-ohm settings.

Is there nicotine in it?
No, Kingston does not contain nicotine, although nicotine shots can be added if desired.

How long does a regular 100ml bottle last?
The length varies depending on your vaping habits, but a 100ml bottle normally lasts one to two weeks for frequent vapers.


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