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Seriously Nice Blue Razz Ice 100ml


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Seriously Nice Blue Razz Ice 100ml

Indulge in the wonderful world of Seriously Nice Blue Razz Ice 100ml, an amazing shortfill e-liquid that’s going to change the way you vape. We take pleasure in selling high-quality vape items in our retail store, and this one is no exception.


Fusion of Sweet and Tangy Flavours: Delicious Blue Razz Ice is a unique blueberry and raspberry mix that will tantalise your taste senses. The sweetness of the blueberry balances out the tanginess of the raspberry, resulting in a balanced flavour profile.

Sugary Edge: The lovely addition of sweet overtones distinguishes this e-liquid. These sweet undertones lend a layer of sweetness to the entire flavour experience.

pleasant Menthol Finish: The menthol infusion will provide a pleasant and cooling exhale. It leaves a revitalising effect, making it ideal for hot summer days or whenever you want to vape something refreshing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a shortfill e-liquid?
A shortfill e-liquid is a bigger container of e-liquid that isn’t totally filled, allowing you to add your nicotine doses.

Seriously Nice Blue Razz Ice contains how much nicotine?
By default, this shortfill does not contain nicotine. You may adjust the strength of your nicotine by adding nicotine shots.

Is it possible to use Seriously Nice Blue Razz Ice with any vape device?
Yes, this e-liquid is compatible with a variety of vape devices, making it adaptable to various settings.

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