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Nasty Lychee 50ml


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Nasty Lychee 50ml

Nasty Modmate, your trusted supplier for top vape items, brings you the tantalising flavour of Nasty Lychee 50ml. Nasty Lychee fulfils our objective of transporting you to an exotic retreat with every puff.


Exotic Lychee Flavour: With each inhalation, immerse yourself in the rich, tropical flavour of lychee.

Nasty Modmate assures that every bottle of Nasty Lychee fulfils the highest quality and safety requirements.

Perfect for All Vapers: Whether you prefer sub-ohm tanks or pod systems, Nasty Lychee 50ml is compatible with both and delivers amazing flavour in either.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Nasty Lychee be used in my pod system?
Without a doubt! Nasty Lychee is compatible with a broad range of vaping devices, including pod systems, giving all vapers options.

Are Nasty Lychee’s components of excellent quality?
Yes, we take pleasure in employing premium ingredients and stringent quality control processes to provide the greatest lychee vaping experience possible.

How long should a 50ml bottle last?
The 50ml quantity guarantees that you have an abundant supply of Nasty Lychee to savour, allowing it to last longer between refills than smaller bottles. The consumption rate varies depending on how frequently you vape.

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