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V Blood Blue Shortfill 50ml


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V Blood Blue Shortfill 50ml

Dive into the world of aristocracy with V Blood Blue 50ml, an exquisite blend meticulously crafted to capture the enigmatic allure of blue bloods. This 50ml shortfill e-liquid is the epitome of luxury, offering a vaping experience that resonates with sophistication and mystery.


50ml Shortfill: Blue comes in a convenient 50ml shortfill bottle, providing ample room for your preferred nicotine shot. Customize your vaping experience effortlessly.

Inspired by Royalty: This unique blend is inspired by the enigmatic allure of blue bloods, incorporating carefully selected flavours that echo the sophistication and mystery associated with royalty.

Nicotine-Free: Enjoy the indulgence of V Blood Blue without the constraints of nicotine. This e-liquid is completely nicotine-free, allowing you to relish the rich flavours without any addictive substances.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add nicotine to the shortfill bottle?
Adding nicotine to a shortfill is easy. Remove the cap, pour in the nicotine shot, and shake well. Make sure to follow the guidelines on the nicotine shot bottle regarding measurements.

What are the prominent flavours in V Blood Blue 50ml?
Blue is a blend of carefully selected flavours that embody the enigmatic allure of blue bloods. While the exact recipe is a closely guarded secret, vapers can expect a harmonious fusion of fruits, herbs, and floral notes.

How long does the flavour last in V Blood Blue?
The longevity of the flavour depends on individual usage and the type of vaping device used. On average, vapers can enjoy the rich taste of V Blood Blue for several days, making it a delightful choice for extended vaping sessions.

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