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Nasty Grape Mixed Berries 50ml


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Nasty Grape Mixed Berries 50ml

Nasty Grape Mixed Berries is a tantalising 50ml vape juice that puts your taste senses on a fascinating voyage. This superb combination, created for discriminating vapers, mixes the rich fragrance of grapes with a mixture of mixed berries, resulting in an appealing flavour profile.


Bursting Grapes: With each inhale, our Nasty Grape Mixed Berries vape juice gives a wonderful sweet and tart grape aroma that lingers on your taste.

It has the ideal blend of sweetness and acidity, resulting in a tasty vaping experience that will have you going back for more.

Mixed Berry Medley: Vape this combination to be immersed in a symphony of berries. The mixed berry medley is a perfect combination of different berries.

Combines their distinct sweetness and acidity to produce a memorable flavour impression. Each inhale delivers a rush of berry flavour.

Ingredients of High Quality: We take pleasure in employing only the best ingredients in our vape products. Nasty Grape Mixed Berries is expertly created to provide a consistent and delightful vaping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to combine Nasty Grape Mixed Berries with other flavours?
Without a doubt! Trying out new flavour combinations is half of the enjoyment. Feel free to combine it with other suitable vape fluids to create your own distinct flavour.

Can Nasty Grape Mixed Berries be used in sub-ohm vaping?
It is designed for sub-ohm vaping and produces powerful flavour and pleasing vapour production when used with the proper equipment.

Is there a wattage range recommended for vaping Nasty Grape Mixed Berries?
While the ideal wattage for sub-ohm vaping with this e-liquid will vary based on your vaping device, a typical range for sub-ohm vaping with this e-liquid is between 40-80 watts.

However, for particular advice, we recommend consulting your device’s user manual.

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