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Kingston Pinkerton Shortfill 100ml


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Kingston Pinkerton Shortfill 100ml

Kingston Pinkerton Shortfill 100ml has a wonderful flavour. This vape juice is a delectable combination of grapefruit and red berries, with a tantalising blend of sweet and zesty overtones. Kingston Pinkerton guarantees that every puff is a blast of flavour, making it ideal for people looking for a fruity vape experience. It’s a popular pick for vape fans, with a balanced 50% VG and 50% PG composition. With this Shortfill, you can explore the world of quality vaping.


Quality Composition: With a VG/PG ratio of 50%, this vape juice provides a smooth and steady vape.

TPD Compliant: This Shortfill is TPD compliant because to the fact that it is a nicotine-free e-liquid shortfill.

High-Quality Ingredients: Made with high-quality food flavourings to ensure safety and flavour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix Pinkerton E-Liquids by Kingston with other vape liquids?
Yes, many vapers combine flavours to make their own personalised blends. However, make sure the liquids you’re combining are suitable in terms of VG/PG ratios and quality.

How do I know if Kingston Pinkerton Shortfill is compatible with my vape device?
Kingston Pinkerton’s 50/50 VG/PG mix makes it suitable for most vape devices. To verify compatibility, always refer to your device’s handbook or contact the manufacturer.

What kind of flavors can I expect from Pinkerton by Kingston Shortfill?
Pinkerton Shortfill is a delectable combination of grapefruit and red berries that provides a sweet and zesty vaping experience.

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