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Kingston Bubblegum Gazillions 100ml


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Kingston Bubblegum Gazillions

Discover the enthralling world of Kingston Bubblegum Gazillions, where vaping aficionados may find the ideal balance of nostalgia and innovation. Our vape shortfills, which come in three delicious flavours, reimagine the art of flavour infusion.


Nostalgic Pleasure: The Classic Original flavour transports you back to your youth, recalling recollections of happy days.

Fruit Fusion: A fruity rush that is well-balanced by the sweetness of bubblegum.

Minty Delight: Minty Delight is a refreshing and energising variation on classic bubblegum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these shortfills compatible with all vaping devices?
Yes, Kingston Bubblegum Gazillions shortfills work with the majority of vape devices. However, please verify the requirements of your device to ensure compatibility.

How strong is the nicotine in these shortfills?
These nicotine-free shortfills allow you to personalise your vaping experience by adding your favourite nicotine injection.

How long does a shortfill bottle normally last?
The length varies depending on how frequently you vape, but a 60ml shortfill can last many days.

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