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FreeMax Marvos MS D Series Coils


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FreeMax Marvos MS D Series Coils

The FreeMax Marvos MS D Series Coils, a revolution in sub-ohm vaping, are now available. These coils are painstakingly made for individuals who hanker after outstanding flavour and copious amounts of vapour.

They are poised to redefine your vaping experience with their cutting-edge mesh construction and suitable for Direct-to-Lung (DTL) vaping.


Sub Ohm Coils: Specifically made for sub-ohm vaping are the FreeMax Marvos MS D Series Coils. They appeal to vapers who love strong draws, deep taste, and thick vapour clouds since they have a low coil resistance. These coils are designed for people who desire to advance their vaping.

Mesh Build: Modern mesh structure, known for its remarkable heating qualities, is used in the making of these coils. The mesh construction ensures equal heating throughout the coil’s surface, producing both amazing vapour output and consistently rich and pleasing flavour.

Suitable for DTL Vaping: FreeMax Marvos MS D Series Coils are ideal for DTL vaping because they have an airy pull that enables direct lung inhalation. They are designed specifically for DTL vaping. It is preferred to vape in this way.

Every puff from the FreeMax Marvos MS D Series Coils produces an exceptional vaping experience because they were designed with performance in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use FreeMax Marvos MS D Series Coils with other FreeMax tanks?
The MS D Series coils that are compatible with FreeMax tanks can be used with these coils. It’s important to confirm compatibility with the model of your particular tank, though.

How frequently should I swap out the coils on my FreeMax Marvos MS D Series?
Your coils’ lifespan can change based on things like how frequently you vape and the e-liquids you use. The coils should typically be changed every one to two weeks or if you notice a drop in flavour or vapour output.

How simple is it to install FreeMax Marvos MS D Series Coils?
It is simple to swap out coils in FreeMax tanks. To install a new coil, just unscrew the old one. To avoid dry hits, make sure to prime the coil with e-liquid before usage.

Use FreeMax Marvos MS D Series Coils to improve your sub-ohm vaping experience. These coils are built with a mesh structure, have sub-ohm capabilities, and are suitable for DTL vaping. They are intended to produce a lot of taste and vapour. Browse our inventory right now to reinvent your vaping experience!


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