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FreeMax Mesh Pro Coils


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FreeMax Mesh Pro Coils

Presenting the best sub-ohm vaping technology: the FreeMax Mesh Pro Coils. These coils include a revolutionary 80% Flax Cotton and 20% Standard Cotton wicking combination and are painstakingly designed to provide vapers an unrivalled experience.

These coils are made to perform incredibly well, especially with high VG e-liquids, whether you’re a flavour or cloud chaser.


Sub Ohm Vape Coils: FreeMax Mesh Pro Coils are ideal for sub-ohm vaping because they are optimised for it. This makes them ideal for vapers who like to produce big vapour clouds and strong flavours. They provide a strong and enjoyable vaping experience with low coil resistance.

20% Standard Cotton and 80% Flax Cotton: These coils include a special wicking mixture of 20% Standard Cotton and 80% Flax Cotton. The high wicking abilities of flax cotton are renowned for facilitating effective e-liquid absorption and lowering the likelihood of dry hits. The end effect is consistently smooth vapour production and rich flavour.

Compatible with High VG E-Liquids: High VG (Vegetable Glycerin) e-liquids are favoured for their capacity to generate dense vapour clouds and provide a smooth inhale, and FreeMax Mesh Pro Coils are made to shine with these liquids. These coils have no trouble handling the higher VG e-liquids’ thicker consistency.

The FreeMax Mesh Pro Replacement Coils are designed to deliver an exceptional vaping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should I replace the coils on my FreeMax Mesh Pro?
Your coils’ lifespan can change based on things like how frequently you vape and the e-liquids you use. The coils should typically be changed every one to two weeks or if you notice a drop in flavour or vapour output.

Do these coils work with high PG e-liquids?
These coils may be used with high PG e-liquids even though they are designed to work best with high VG e-liquids. High VG e-liquids are advised for the optimum performance and wicking, nevertheless.

Is temperature control (TC) vaping compatible with FreeMax Mesh Pro Coils?
Wattage mode vaping is the main application for these coils. These are not primarily made for temperature control vaping, though they can be used in TC mode with some devices that enable it.

With FreeMax Mesh Pro Replacement Coils, you can improve your sub-ohm vaping experience. These coils are made to produce outstanding flavour and vapour thanks to their novel wicking combination, sub-ohm capabilities, and compatibility with high VG e-liquids. Today, look through our inventory and discover the next level of vaping bliss!


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