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Freemax M Pro 2 Mesh Coils (Pack of 3)


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Freemax M Pro 2 Mesh Coils (Pack of 3)

Introducing the Freemax M Pro 2 Mesh Coils, a vaping accessory that raises the bar for sub-ohm vaping. These coils, which come in a handy pack of three, are made of stainless steel mesh and compatible with temperature control settings in order to provide a superior vaping experience.


Sub Ohm Vaping: Vapers may create enormous clouds and rich taste with the Freemax M Pro 2 Coils, which are designed for sub-ohm vaping. They are perfect for people who love direct-to-lung (DTL) inhales and satisfying vapour production because they have a low coil resistance.

Stainless Steel Mesh Builds: Modern stainless steel mesh construction, which is renowned for its exceptional heating qualities, is used in the making of these coils. A constantly pleasurable vaping experience is made possible by the mesh design, which guarantees even heating and quick ramp-up times.

Temperature Control Compatible: These coils are temperature control compatible, which is ideal for vapers who seek fine control over their vaping experience. Using this feature, you may adjust your vaping temperature to get the ideal flavour and vapour production balance.

Every puff of the Freemax M Pro 2 Mesh Coils delivers great flavour and vapour because to their performance-driven design.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my Freemax M Pro 2 Coils be changed?
Your vaping habits and the e-liquids you use, for example, can have an impact on the coils’ longevity. The coils may need to be changed approximately every one to two weeks or if you detect a drop in flavour or vapour production.

Do these coils work with high VG e-liquids?
The answer is yes; these coils are appropriate for use with high VG (Vegetable Glycerin) e-liquids, which are renowned for creating substantial vapour clouds and providing a smooth inhale. With different e-liquid compositions, they function remarkably well.

How simple is it to install Freemax M Pro 2 Coils?
It is simple to replace coils in the Freemax M Pro 2 Tank. To install a new coil, just unscrew the old one. To avoid dry hits, make sure the coil has been properly primed with e-liquid before usage.

With Freemax M Pro 2 Mesh Coils, your sub-ohm vaping experience will be improved. These coils are made to produce exceptional flavour and vapour thanks to their stainless steel mesh construction, compatibility with temperature controls, and excellent sub-ohm performance. Browse our selection right now to advance your vaping!


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