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Dr Frost Iceberg Nic Salt


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Dr Frost Iceberg Nic Salt

The Dr Frost Iceberg Nic Salt is a revitalising foray into the world of icy flavours. This high-end e-juice is a part of Dr Frost’s renowned Polar line and was created to give vapers a cold sensation.

Rich blueberries, delicious strawberries, tart raspberries, and other juicy berries make up the Iceberg blend, which is a delectable concoction. The chilly menthol exhale is well complemented with a subtly present aniseed undertone.



60VG/40PG Blend: This percentage ensures a pleasant experience. Expect a strong flavour profile and outstanding cloud production, which will strike the correct balance for the majority of vapers.

Refreshing Menthol Exhale: The cool menthol finish ensures a refreshing exhale, making it a perfect choice for those who love a chilly endnote to their vaping experience.

Optimised for MTL Vape Kits: It is most suited for low-powered devices, including traditional E-Cigarette starter kits and pod systems, and was created specifically for mouth-to-lung vaping to ensure excellent flavour and performance.

Frequently Asked Question

What are Nic Salts and how do they differ from regular nicotine?

In comparison to regular freebase nicotine, nicotine salts, often known as Nic Salts, offer a gentler throat hit. They enable fast nicotine absorption, which makes them perfect for former smokers and novice vapers.

Is this product suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The Dr Frost Iceberg offers a soothing throat hit with to its Nic Salts concentration, making it perfect for newbies, especially those quitting smoking.

Can I expect a strong menthol sensation from this Nic Salts?

Dr Frost’s Polar line, noted for its energising menthol flavours, includes the Iceberg Nic Salt. Expect a cooling menthol exhale that is accompanied by the berry and anise flavours.


10mg, 20mg

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