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Colinss Magic Violet 10ml


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Colinss Magic Violet 10ml

Explore Colinss Magic Violet 10ml E Liquid’s enchanted universe, where a symphony of flavours converge with the ethereal appeal of violet. This E-Liquid was expertly crafted and will take your taste buds to a magical place. Whatever your level of E-Liquid experience, Colinss Magic Violet offers a distinctive and enjoyable vaping experience.


  • Stunning Violet Flavour: Colinss Magic Violet E-Liquid offers a distinctive vaping experience. Each puff is an enchanted adventure due to the sweet blueberry scents and the subtle sour undertone.
  • Premium Quality: Colinss Magic Violet is made with care and just the best ingredients, ensuring a smooth and reliable vaping experience each and every time.
  • 10ml Bottle: This convenient 10ml bottle size is perfect for carrying in your pocket or bag, ensuring you always have your favourite e-liquid on hand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this E-Liquid work with the vape I have?
Yes, Colinss Magic Violet E-Liquid is compatible with a variety of vaping equipment, making it available to both novice and seasoned vapers.

How is the Colinss Magic Violet 10ml container supposed to be stored?
The 10ml bottle’s design prioritises portability and convenient storage. Keep it somewhere chilly, dry, and sun-shaded for best effects.

Can I mix other e-liquids with Colinss Magic Violet E-Liquid?
Yes, you can experiment with creating your own custom flavour combinations by blending Colinss Magic Violet E Liquid with various E-Liquids. Make sure the flavours work together to prevent any unpleasant surprises.


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