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Colinss Empire Black 10ml


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Colinss Empire Black 10ml

Enjoy the decadent and tempting flavour of Colinss Empire Black 10ml, a delicious E-Liquid that infuses each puff with the flavour of juicy blackcurrants. Experience a luscious and delightful vaping experience by submerging yourself in the rich and vivid flavour of perfectly ripe blackcurrants.


  • It is the best option for individuals who prefer fruity and lively flavours since Colinss Empire Black 10ml gives vapers an outstanding flavour of juicy blackcurrants.
  • Colinss Empire Black 10ml delivers a fruity rush to your taste with its true blackcurrant flavour, producing a pleasurable and enduring vaping experience.
  • A well-balanced and pleasurable vaping experience is offered by the E-Liquid’s profile, which is dominated by the juicy flavour of perfectly ripe blackcurrants.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the flavour of blackcurrants accurately captured in Empire Black?
Yes, the flavour of ripe blackcurrants has been expertly captured in this E-Liquid, providing a satisfying and realistic vaping experience.

How should you store the Colinss Magic Violet 10ml container?
The 10ml bottle’s design places an emphasis on portability and easy storage. For optimal results, keep it somewhere cool, dry, and covered from the sun.

Is it a Child-Resistant Cap?
Yes, A child-resistant cap is included for your protection and peace of mind.


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