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Yazuu Salted Caramel


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Yazuu Salted Caramel

Yazuu Salted Caramel is the best vape juice for people looking for absolute enjoyment. This shortfill delivers the rich, buttery aroma of caramel that has been masterfully blended to perfection. Each puff has a symphony of flavours that will wow your taste senses like never before.


Buttery Caramel Bliss: Yazuu  shortfill is a flavour masterpiece. Inhale the silky sweetness of caramel, which melts in your lips with each inhale.

Subtle Saltiness: The perfectly balanced trace of saltiness distinguishes Yazuu . It improves the overall vaping experience by providing a distinctive and delectable twist to the standard caramel flavour.

Satisfying Shortfill: This product comes in a handy shortfill container, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the nicotine. Allow yourself the opportunity to personalise your vaping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What nicotine level should I use in the Yazuu Salted Caramel shortfill?
The nicotine intensity is determined by your preferences. As required, add nicotine shots to get the appropriate dosage, shake well, and enjoy.

Does Yazuu Salted Caramel work with all vaping devices?
It is, indeed. This shortfill is suitable with a broad number of devices, whether you prefer a sub-ohm setup, a pod system, or a classic tank.

Is Yazuu made with high-quality ingredients?
Absolutely. To ensure a premium vaping experience, we prioritise quality and safety by utilising only the finest ingredients.

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