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Watermelon Breeze by Pod Salt


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Watermelon Breeze by Pod Salt

Indulge in the invigorating essence of Watermelon Breeze, a meticulously crafted salt nicotine E-Liquid brought to you by Pod Salt. Our online vape emporium proudly offers this exquisite blend to satisfy your vaping desires. As devoted connoisseurs of vape products, we understand the importance of delivering exceptional quality, and Watermelon Breeze is no exception.

Pod Salt | Nicotine Salt E-Liquid | Watermelon Breeze


Tropical Refreshment: This Nic Salt delivers the succulent taste of fresh watermelon, creating a truly tropical vaping experience.

Icy Coolness: Enjoy a frosty twist as you vape, thanks to the cooling element that sets this E-Liquid apart.

Nicotine Satisfaction: With nicotine concentrations of 11mg and 20mg, Watermelon Breeze ensures a smooth throat hit and rapid nicotine absorption, fulfilling your cravings swiftly.

Salt Nicotine Formula: Our salt nicotine formula guarantees a velvety vape experience, making it ideal for vapers seeking a smoother throat sensation.

Pod Salt Core Watermelon Breeze-20mg/ml-30ml

Frequently Asked Questions

What is salt nicotine, and how does it differ from regular nicotine?
Salt nicotine, used in Watermelon Breeze, is a modified form of nicotine that offers a smoother throat hit and faster absorption into the bloodstream. This makes it perfect for those looking for a more satisfying vaping experience.

Is this Nic Salt suitable for beginners?
Yes, absolutely. this nic salt is available in 11mg nicotine concentration, which is suitable for beginners and vapers who prefer a mild nicotine strength. It provides a delightful introduction to the world of vaping.

Can I use this Nic Salt with any vape device?
Yes, you can use Watermelon Breeze with most vape devices, including pod systems and vape pens. Its versatile compatibility ensures you can enjoy its refreshing flavour no matter your preferred setup.


11mg, 20mg

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