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Vaporesso QF Strip Coil 0.15


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Vaporesso QF Strip Coil 0.15

The Vaporesso QF Strip Coil 0.15 represent the ultimate of vaping. These vape coils, designed just for the SKRR tank, offer an unprecedented mix of pure taste and outstanding cloud production. The revolutionary strip design offers quick and equal heating, while the organic core of pure cotton and flax fibre promotes maximum absorption. With these excellent QF Strip Coils, you can enter the realm of exquisite sub-ohm vaping.


Organic Core: Made from pure cotton and flax fibres for maximum absorption and taste improvement.

Resistance: 0.15ohm, suited for sub-ohm vaping at 60 to 90 watts, with peak performance at 70 to 85 watts.

Natural fibres: Increases coil life and reduces dry impacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what wattage do the QF Strip Coils perform best?

They can function at 60 to 90 watts, however they perform best at 70 to 85 watts.

How often should I replace my Vaporesso QF Coils?

The lifespan of a coil varies depending on usage, however with frequent use, consider replacing it every 1-3 weeks or when flavour and vapour production begin to drop.

Can I use other vape juices with these coils?

Yes, the QF Coils work with a wide range of vape liquids. However, be certain that the juice is acceptable for sub-ohm vaping.

Vaporesso QF Strip Coils



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