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Vaporesso GTI Coils


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Vaporesso GTI Coils

Vaporesso GTi Coils, a must-have for aficionados looking for the ultimate DTL (Direct To Lung) inhalation, will elevate your vaping experience. These replacement coils have been painstakingly created to fit perfectly in a variety of Vaporesso vape tanks and kits, including the acclaimed iTank 2 and the Gen 80S iTank 2 kit.


Precise Compatibility: Vaporesso GTi Coils work flawlessly with a wide range of Vaporesso devices, delivering a trouble-free vaping experience.

Customizable Vapour: Available in a variety of resistances, these coils offer a wide range of vapour production options, enabling you to personalise your sessions to perfection.

Authentic DTL inhalation: Regardless of resistance, each drag ensures an authentic direct-to-lung inhalation, gratifying your needs with each puff.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Vaporesso devices work with GTi Coils?
GTi Coils are intended for use with popular Vaporesso vape tanks and kits, such as the iTank 2 and Gen 80S iTank 2.

How do I select the proper resistance for my coils?
Your vaping experience is determined by the resistance you select. Lower resistances generate more vapour, whilst higher resistances provide a smoother, less intense inhalation.

Are these coils appropriate for beginners?
GTi Coils are adaptable, making them appropriate for both new and seasoned vapers. For a more gentle experience, beginners may select greater resistance.


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