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Vapcell 18650 Battery K25


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Vapcell 18650 Battery K25

Introducing the Vapcell 18650 Battery K25, your gateway to unparalleled vaping performance. Compatible with a diverse array of mods and 18650 vape kits, this battery stands as the preferred choice for enthusiasts seeking a high-wattage vaping adventure. With a robust 20A discharge rate, it consistently powers your device to higher wattage levels, ensuring an authentic and satisfying sub-ohm experience. Moreover, this powerhouse boasts an impressive 2500mAh capacity, guaranteeing extended vaping sessions between charges.



High-Wattage Performance: The Vapcell K25 is designed to handle high-wattage vaping, offering an exceptional sub-ohm experience.

Wide Compatibility: This battery can be used with various mods and 18650 vape kits, providing versatility for vapers.

20A Discharge Rate: With a 20-amp discharge rate, it consistently delivers the power needed for intense vaping sessions.

2500mAh Capacity: Enjoy extended vaping time between charges, thanks to the impressive 2500mAh capacity.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Vapcell K25 compatible with my vape mod?
The Vapcell 18650 Battery K25 is designed for wide compatibility and can be used with various mods and 18650 vape kits. It’s likely to work with your device, but always check your device’s specifications for compatibility.

What is the advantage of a 20A battery for vaping?
A 20A battery like the Vapcell K25 is crucial for high-wattage vaping. It ensures your device can consistently provide the power needed for sub-ohm coils, resulting in more massive vapor production and intense flavour.

How long does the 2500mAh capacity last between charges?
The 2500mAh capacity can vary depending on your vaping habits and wattage settings. On average, it can provide several hours of vaping before needing a recharge.

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