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Ultimate Villains Evil Queen 100ml


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Ultimate Villains Evil Queen 100ml

Dive into the depths of wickedly bold flavours with Ultimate Villains Evil Queen 100ml shortfill e-liquid. This tantalising blend combines the sharp tartness of raspberries, the robust richness of huckleberries, and a subtle infusion of intense eucalyptus and aniseed, conjuring the essence of a sinister queen’s elixir. Crafted with a 70% VG ratio, it’s tailored for sub ohm vape kits, delivering enhanced vapor production for an immersive Direct To Lung (DTL) vaping experience. Each 100ml bottle provides ample room to mix in two 10ml nic shots, making it a convenient choice to customise your nicotine strength. Embrace the darkness with Ultimate Villains Evil Queen.



Darkly Captivating Flavours: Immerse yourself in a blend of sharp raspberries, strong huckleberries, and aniseed, crafted to captivate the senses.

70% VG Ratio: Designed for sub ohm vaping, the 70% VG ratio ensures thick, dense vapor clouds, enhancing your DTL vaping sessions.

Room for Nic Shots: The 100ml shortfill bottle offers space for two 10ml nic shots, allowing you to tailor the nicotine level to your preference.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shortfill e-liquid?
Shortfill e-liquids are nicotine-free vape juices, often sold in larger bottles like this 100ml option. They provide flexibility for users to add their desired nicotine strength, typically achieved by mixing in nicotine shots.

What kind of vape kit is best for Ultimate Villains Evil Queen?
This e-liquid is ideal for sub ohm vape kits due to its high VG content. These kits are designed for DTL vaping, offering a more immersive and cloudy experience.

How do I add nicotine to this shortfill e-liquid?
Simply purchase two 10ml nicotine shots separately, then pour them into the 100ml shortfill bottle.

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