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Ultimate Puff Blue Slush Shortfill 100ml


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Ultimate Puff Blue Slush Shortfill 100ml

Introducing the irresistible Ultimate Puff Blue Slush Shortfill 100ml. If you’re on the hunt for an e-liquid that brings the iconic taste of a classic blue slushie with an invigorating icy twist, then your quest ends here. Blue Slush is masterfully crafted to provide you with a vaping experience that captures the essence of this beloved beverage, making each puff a refreshing journey into flavour paradise.


Classic Blue Slushie with an Icy Twist: Blue Slush is the epitome of a refreshing blend that combines the timeless appeal of a classic blue slushie with an invigorating icy twist. On the inhale, you’ll relish the familiar sweetness of blue raspberry, reminiscent of sipping on a chilled slushie. As you exhale, a delightful wave of icy menthol washes over your palate, delivering a cool and revitalizing finish that’s perfect for a hot summer day.

100ml Bottle: Each bottle of Blue Slush contains 100ml of e-liquid, providing you with an abundant supply to enjoy. The generous size ensures you have enough to savour the refreshing taste of a blue slushie with an icy kick throughout the day.

Versatile Vaping: This e-liquid is designed for use with a variety of vape devices, catering to both newcomers and seasoned vapers alike. Whether you prefer the simplicity of a pod system or the robust performance of a sub-ohm tank, Blue Slush delivers a delightful and cooling vaping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ultimate Puff Blue Slush 100ml contain nicotine?

No, Ultimate Puff Blue Slush 100ml is nicotine-free. However, it provides the option to add nicotine shots to achieve your desired nicotine strength, allowing you to personalize your vaping experience.

How do I add nicotine shots to Ultimate Puff Blue Slush 100ml?

Adding nicotine shots to Ultimate Puff Blue Slush 100ml is straightforward. Simply remove the cap from the bottle, then carefully pour in the nicotine shots to reach your preferred nicotine strength. After replacing the cap, shake the bottle thoroughly to ensure a well-mixed e-liquid, and you’re ready to enjoy your customized vape.

Is Ultimate Puff Blue Slush suitable for summer vaping?

Absolutely! Ultimate Puff Blue Slush with its classic blue slushie flavor and icy menthol twist is perfect for summertime vaping. It provides a refreshing and cooling sensation that’s ideal for combating the heat and satisfying your craving for a cold, fruity beverage-inspired vape.

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