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Ultimate Original Cola by Ultimate Salts


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Ultimate Original Cola by Ultimate Salts

Discover the classic joy of Ultimate Original Cola by Ultimate Salts, which is currently offered at our online retail store, where we provide a wide selection of vape items. This outstanding e-liquid perfectly captures the flavour of everyone’s preferred fizzy cola, providing a flavour that will leave you feeling refreshed all day.


Traditional Fizzy Coke: Ultimate Original Cola by Ultimate Salts pays homage to the cherished vintage cola beverage. You’ll be transported back in time to drinking an ice-cold cola with that fizzy, effervescent sensation that tingles your taste receptors with each inhalation.

Satisfying Flavour: This E-Liquid’s genuine cola flavour is balanced off with a light sweetness that hits all the right notes. Its flavour is great for an all-day vape because it satisfies desires without overpowering the palette.

High-Quality Ingredients: Ultimate Salts Soda is proud to make their e-liquids with only the best components. You can rely on Original Cola to be expertly crafted, ensuring a consistently fantastic vaping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What nicotine level is offered in Ultimate Original Cola by Ultimate Salts?
To accommodate differing tastes, Original Coke is offered in a variety of nicotine levels, often between 10mg and 20mg. For information on the specific nicotine strengths we offer, please see our product listings.

Which vaping equipment is compatible with Original Cola?
Pod systems, sub-ohm tanks, and other vaping accessories are among the many vape equipment that Original Cola is compatible with. But, you should match the nicotine level you select with the capabilities of your vaping device and your own tastes.

Does Ultimate Original Cola by Ultimate Salts include caffeine?
Caffeine is not included in Original Cola e-liquid. It is designed to deliver the true flavour of cola without the euphoric effects of caffeine.

Enjoy Original Cola by Ultimate Salts Soda and indulge in the nostalgia of old-fashioned bubbly cola. This product will surely satisfy your craving for a cool, delicious e-liquid, whether you enjoy cola drinks or not. Today, look through our collection to get the perfect vaporizer for you!


10mg, 20mg

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