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Ultimate On Ice Blackcurrant Ultimate Salts


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Ultimate On Ice Blackcurrant Ultimate Salts

Delight in the harmonious marriage of bold flavour and icy freshness with our “Ultimate On Ice Blackcurrant” by Ultimate Salts. This extraordinary e-liquid offers a captivating blend of ripe blackcurrants, expertly infused with a chilling sensation and a precisely balanced mix, ensuring an unparalleled vaping experience.


Chilled Blackcurrant: Immerse yourself in the intense essence of ripe blackcurrants, accentuated by a crisp and icy touch. Each inhale delivers the authentic taste of blackcurrants, perfectly preserved and enhanced by the cooling effect.

Cooling Sensation: Experience a delightful coolness that sweeps across your palate with every puff. The gentle, refreshing sensation complements the robust blackcurrant flavour, providing a satisfying contrast and an invigorating vaping experience.

Balanced Blend: Our Ultimate On Ice Blackcurrant is the result of meticulous craftsmanship. The careful balance between the bold fruitiness and the icy undertones ensures a harmonious blend. Enjoy a consistently smooth and enjoyable vape from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What nicotine strengths are available for Ultimate On Ice Blackcurrant by Ultimate Salts?
On Ice Blackcurrant is available in a range of nicotine strengths, catering to diverse preferences. Choose from 10mg and 20mg to tailor your vaping experience to your desired nicotine level.

How should I store Ultimate On Ice Blackcurrant to maintain its freshness?
To preserve its freshness, store the e-liquid in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat. Ensure the bottle is tightly sealed when not in use to prevent air exposure, which can affect the flavour.

Can I use Ultimate On Ice Blackcurrant with sub-ohm devices?
Yes, Ultimate On Ice Blackcurrant is suitable for sub-ohm devices, offering a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience even with high-powered setups.


10mg, 20mg

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