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Ultimate Cherry Shortfill 120ml


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Ultimate Cherry Shortfill 120ml

Welcome to a world where the sweet allure of cherries meets the effervescent delight of sherbet. Our Ultimate Cherry Shortfill 120ml is a testament to the harmony of flavours, a carefully crafted blend that tantalizes your taste buds with every puff.


Tantalising Cherry Blend: Immerse yourself in the tantalising blend of sweet cherries, capturing the essence of ripe and juicy fruits. Each puff delivers the authentic taste of cherries, satisfying your cravings with every inhale.

Fizzy Sherbet Kick: Experience the fizzy sherbet kick that accompanies the cherry goodness. The sherbet infusion adds a playful zing, creating a dynamic and lively vaping experience that keeps you coming back for more.

120ml Shortfill Bottle: Packaged in a 120ml shortfill bottle, our Ultimate Cherry Shortfill offers an abundant supply of e-liquid. The larger size allows for the addition of nicotine shots, giving you the freedom to customize your vaping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this e-liquid suitable for sub-ohm vaping devices?
Absolutelyate Cherry Shortfill is specifically crafted for sub-ohm vaping devices. Its balanced composition ensures optimal performance and flavour expression, making it a great choice for sub-ohm enthusiasts.

How should I store Ultimate Cherry Shortfill to maintain its freshness?
To preserve its freshness and flavour, store Ultimate Cherry Shortfill in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Ensure the bottle is tightly sealed when not in use to prevent air exposure, preserving the e-liquid’s quality and taste.

Is Ultimate Cherry Shortfill suitable for nicotine customization?
Yes, Ultimate Cherry Shortfill comes nicotine-free, allowing you the freedom to customize the nicotine strength according to your preference. Add nicotine shots as per the instructions on the bottle to achieve your desired nicotine level.

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