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TenTen Blue Raspberry 100ML Shortfill


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TenTen Blue Raspberry 100ML Shortfill

TenTen Blue Raspberry 100ML Shortfill is the pinnacle of vaping ecstasy for all Blue Raspberry fans. We are delighted to provide this magnificent design to enrich your vaping journey as a top retail website specialising in vape items.


Juicy Blue Raspberries: With each inhalation, immerse yourself in the world of flavour. TenTen Blue Raspberry Shortfill will tantalise your taste senses with an explosion of delicious and tart blue raspberry sweetness.

Fruity Euphoria: Feel euphoria with each puff. This shortfill is packed with vivid and pleasant aromas of blue raspberry, delivering an unparalleled vaping experience.

Premium Quality: TenTen  Shortfill is handcrafted to the finest standards, employing premium ingredients to give an unrivalled vaping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What wattage range is suggested for vaping with TenTen  Shortfill?
The optimal wattage range will differ depending on your device and personal preference. Begin with lower wattage settings and progressively raise until you obtain the vaping experience you prefer.

Is this shortfill compatible with pod systems?
While it is compatible with a variety of devices, the VG/PG ratio may preclude it from being suited for all pod systems. Check your device’s compatibility and make any adjustments.

Is there anything sweetening in TenTen Blue Raspberry Shortfill?
No, this shortfill contains no additional sweeteners and delivers a naturally pleasant and realistic blue raspberry flavour without being too sweet.

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