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Summer Vibes Blood Orange Grapefruit 100ml


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Summer Vibes Blood Orange Grapefruit 100ml

Summer Vibes Blood Orange Grapefruit e-liquid captures the bright flavour of powerful blood orange and tangy grapefruit. This 100ml vape experience embodies the zest and tang of summer, created to tantalise your taste senses.


Dynamic Flavour Combination: Immerse yourself in the exciting combination of blood orange’s zesty juiciness and grapefruit’s energising sweet and sour bitterness.

Versatile Nicotine Options: Our 120ml recyclable shortfill bottle provides nicotine strength versatility. Choose 0mg for a nicotine-free experience, 3mg for two 18mg nicotine shots, or 1.5mg for two 9mg nicotine shots.

We care about the environment: We use sustainable packaging. Our eco-friendly packaging allows you to enjoy your e-liquid guilt-free while still making a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Vibes Blood Orange Grapefruit has what flavour profile?
It’s a delectable combination of robust blood orange juice and spicy grapefruit sharpness.

Where is it manufactured?
Our e-liquid is meticulously manufactured in a cutting-edge facility to ensure the greatest quality.

Is it safe to vape this all day?
Absolutely! With its delicious flavour, Summer Vibes Blood Orange Grapefruit is ideal for all-day vaping.

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