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Summer Blaze by IVG Nic Salts 10ml


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Summer Blaze by IVG Nic Salts 10ml

Welcome to our online store, where you can find premium vape products like the mouth-watering Summer Blaze by IVG Nic Salts. Go no further if you’re looking for an e-liquid with the ideal harmony of sweetness and tanginess together with a mixed fruit explosion. Your vaping experience will be revitalised.


Balanced Sweetness and Tanginess: The perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess is achieved. Your taste senses will be treated to a delicious combination of flavours with each puff, leaving you wanting more.

Mixed Fruit Flavour: Explore the revitalising world of mixed fruits. This e-liquid skillfully combines a variety of fruit flavours, creating a symphony of flavour that satisfies and engages your tongue.

IVG Nic Salts are recognised for their smooth nicotine delivery. Nicotine Salt Recipe. This flavour is a great option for people looking for a smoother vaping experience because of its nicotine salt formulation, which guarantees a satisfying throat hit and speedy nicotine absorption.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much nicotine is offered in Summer Blaze by IVG Nic Salts?
Nicotine levels for Summer Blaze commonly range from 10mg to 20mg. For information on the specific nicotine strengths we offer, please see our product listings.

Which vaping equipment can I use with Summer Blaze?
Yes, Summer Blaze works with a variety of vaping products, including starter kits, pod systems, and more. It is adaptable and suitable for vapers of various tastes.

Take your vaping experience to the next level with Summer Blaze by IVG Nic Salts’ delicious taste combination. Whether you enjoy mixed fruit flavours or are just looking for a flavourful, well-balanced e-liquid, this product is sure to excite your palate. Discover our collection right now and enjoy the flavour of summer with every vape.


10mg, 20mg

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