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Slushiee Lime Slush 100ml


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Slushiee Lime Slush 100ml

Introducing Slushiee Lime Slush 100ml – a tropical twist to elevate your vaping experience. This shortfill e-liquid boasts the refreshing tang of zesty lime slush, delivering a burst of citrusy goodness with every inhale. With a 70% VG (Vegetable Glycerin) formula, it’s tailor-made for sub ohm vape kits, ensuring enhanced vapour production and a satisfying Direct To Lung (DTL) vape. Our 100ml bottle offers the flexibility to add two 10ml nic shots, allowing you to personalise your nicotine level. Discover the joy of Slushiee Lime Slush and enjoy the brisk, invigorating taste of lime slushiness in every cloud.



Zesty Lime Slush: Indulge in the tangy and invigorating taste of lime slush with every puff, a tropical delight for your taste buds.

Ideal for Sub Ohm: With a 70% VG blend, this e-liquid is perfect for sub ohm vape kits, offering increased vapour production for a DTL vaping experience.

Customisable Nicotine: The 100ml shortfill bottle accommodates two 10ml nic shots, allowing you to tailor the nicotine strength to your preference.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this e-liquid suitable for sub ohm vaping?
Absolutely! Slushiee Lime Slush is formulated with a 70% VG base, making it ideal for sub ohm vaping, ensuring rich vapour clouds and a Direct To Lung (DTL) experience.

How do I add nicotine to this shortfill e-liquid?
Adding nicotine is easy. Each 10ml nic shot can be poured directly into the shortfill bottle. Simply add one or two nic shots, depending on your desired nicotine level, and shake well to mix.

What’s the flavour profile of Slushiee Lime Slush?
Slushiee Lime Slush offers the crisp and zesty taste of lime slush, providing a refreshing citrus burst with each inhale. It’s a tropical delight for lime enthusiasts.

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