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Seriously FruityFantasia Lemon 100ml


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Seriously Fruity Fantasia Lemon 100ml

Explore the refreshing tang of Seriously Fruity Fantasia Lemon 100ml Shortfill E-Liquid by Doozy Vape. This citrus fruit fusion combines the bright zestiness of lemon with the sharpness of lime, delivering a harmonious and invigorating flavour profile that’s perfect for those who crave a burst of citrus in every vape. With a 70% VG composition, it’s tailor-made for sub-ohm vape kits, ensuring you experience thick clouds and a direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping sensation. Each 100ml shortfill bottle leaves room for two 10ml nicotine shots, making nicotine customisation quick and easy. Elevate your vaping with Fantasia Lemon.



Citrus Fusion: Seriously Fruity Fantasia Lemon shortfill e-liquid boasts a delightful blend of zesty lemon and sharp lime for a balanced citrus experience.

High VG Content: With a 70% VG ratio, this e-liquid is designed for sub-ohm vaping, delivering dense vapour clouds and intense flavour.

100ml Shortfill: Each bottle provides 100ml of e-liquid with space for adding nicotine shots, offering convenience and customisation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this e-liquid with any vape kit?
This e-liquid is designed for sub-ohm vaping, making it ideal for sub-ohm vape kits. It may not be suitable for all vape devices, so ensure your kit is compatible for the best experience.

What is the VG/PG ratio of this e-liquid?
Seriously Fruity Fantasia Lemon has a 70% VG (Vegetable Glycerin) content, which enhances vapour production, perfect for cloud chasers and direct-to-lung (DTL) vapers.

How do I add nicotine to this shortfill?
To add nicotine, simply pour two 10ml nicotine shots (with your preferred nicotine strength) into the 100ml shortfill bottle. Shake well to mix, and your e-liquid will be ready to vape.

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