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Priv N19 Bubble Glass


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Priv N19 Bubble Glass

Welcome to our premium selection of vape products, featuring the Priv N19 Bubble Glass, designed specifically for the SMOK Priv N19 tank. This replacement bubble glass is the ideal solution for tank damage, instantly restoring your device to full functionality. Say goodbye to worries about shattered glass. Additionally, the Priv N19 Bubble Glass serves as an excellent upgrade for those seeking increased e-liquid capacity, providing a more extended and uninterrupted vaping experience. Crafted with precision, this bubble glass ensures durability and easy installation. Browse our collection and discover top-quality vape accessories that cater to both convenience and performance.



Replacement Glass: The Priv N19 Bubble Glass is the perfect replacement for a damaged or cracked SMOK Priv N19 tank glass, ensuring your device stays in perfect working order.

Enhanced E-Liquid Capacity: With its bubble shape, this glass increases the e-liquid capacity of your tank, allowing you to enjoy longer vaping sessions without frequent refilling.

Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Priv N19 Bubble Glass is built to withstand everyday use and resist minor impacts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Priv N19 Glass compatible with other tanks?
No, this replacement bubble glass is specifically designed for the SMOK Priv N19 tank and may not fit other tank models. Please ensure compatibility before purchase.

Can I use this bubble glass with shortfill e-liquids?
Absolutely, the Priv N19 Glass is suitable for shortfill e-liquids, allowing you to enjoy a longer vaping experience without frequent refills.

How do I install the Priv N19 Bubble Glass?
Installation is simple. First, disassemble your Priv N19 tank, carefully remove the old glass, and then slide the new bubble glass into place. Reassemble your tank, and you’re good to go!

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