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Pick it Mix it Sherbet Lemons 100ml


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Pick it Mix it Sherbet Lemons 100ml

Pick it Mix it Sherbet Lemons 100ml is a vape experience that takes you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Our shortfill e-liquid captures the spirit of a traditional candy store, where jars of exquisite candies await. Dive into a world of zingy, zesty lemon hard candy with a sweet, fizzy sherbet centre.


Authentic Lemon Candy: Indulge in the bright flavours of lemon hard candy, which captures the spirit of a sweet shop favourite.
Sherbet Sensation: Each vape has a delicious fizzy sherbet surprise, offering an extra dimension of pleasure.
Nostalgic Delight: Return to the days of vintage candy stores, while the options were limitless and the candies were seductive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a shortfill e-liquid?
Shortfill e-liquids are nicotine-free vape liquids that allow you to customise your vaping experience by adding your favourite nicotine shot.

How much e-liquid is in the bottle?
Each bottle comes with 100ml of Sherbet Lemons e-liquid.

What is this e-liquid’s VG/PG ratio?
The VG/PG ratio of our e-liquid is 70/30, delivering a smooth and pleasurable vaping experience.


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