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Nasty Sicko Blue by Nasty Salts 10ml


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Nasty Sicko Blue by Nasty Salts 10ml

Welcome to our retail vape shop, where we are pleased to offer Nasty Sicko Blue from Nasty Salts in a handy 10ml container. This e-liquid masterpiece beautifully balances a symphony of sweet and sour flavours, which is anchored by the richness of blue raspberry. Each puff will provide you with a wonderful sharpness that characterises Sicko Blue as a genuinely remarkable e-liquid.



Perfect VG/PG Ratio: Sicko Blue boasts a 50% VG blend, ensuring intense flavour delivery while producing minimal clouds. Ideal for those using pod devices or starter kits, it offers an unrivalled taste experience without overwhelming vapor production.

Salt Nicotine Formula: Crafted with salt nicotine, Sicko Blue provides a smooth vaping experience and a gentler throat hit compared to standard e-liquids. Enjoy the nicotine strength you desire without the harshness.

Multiple Strength Options: We offer Sicko Blue in two strengths, 10mg and 20mg, catering to both moderate and experienced vapers. Find the perfect level to satisfy your nicotine cravings.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main taste of Nasty Sicko Blue?
Nasty Sicko Blue has the delightful flavor of rich blue raspberry with a perfect combination of sweet and sour overtones, producing a one-of-a-kind vaping experience.

Can Nasty Sicko Blue be used in any vaping device?
While Sicko Blue is flexible, its 50% VG blend makes it best suited for pod devices and starter kits, assuring powerful flavor with minimum cloud generation.

What distinguishes salt nicotine from ordinary nicotine?
Salt nicotine, which is utilized in Sicko Blue, provides a smoother throat hit and enables for larger nicotine concentrations without harshness, making it ideal for vapers looking for a pleasing experience.

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10mg, 20mg

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