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Mango Ice by Pod Salt


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Mango Ice by Pod Salt

Welcome to our vape emporium, where we proudly present Mango Ice by Pod Salt. As a premier destination for vape enthusiasts, we understand the cravings for unique and delightful flavours. Mango Ice nicotine salt e-liquid combines the succulent essence of tropical mango with a revitalizing menthol infusion. The result? An exhilarating, multi-layered vaping experience. From the first inhale, you’ll be greeted by the sweet, exotic embrace of ripe mango, while a brisk menthol breeze gracefully balances the equation. Designed exclusively for mouth-to-lung kits, this 50% VG e-liquid ensures discreet vapour production, allowing the true mango-menthol fusion to shine.

Podsalt Mango Ice E-liquid. Premium Nicotine Salt.


Tropical Mango Bliss: Mango Ice captures the authentic sweetness of tropical mangoes, making every puff a taste of paradise.

Menthol Freshness: Enjoy the invigorating menthol twist that gives this e-liquid its signature “Ice” sensation.

Ideal for MTL Kits: Crafted specifically for mouth-to-lung kits, ensuring a satisfying and flavourful vape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What nicotine strength does Mango Ice by Pod Salt come in?
This nic salt is available in 20mg, 10mg and 5mg nicotine strength, perfect for satisfying your cravings.

Is this e-liquid suitable for sub-ohm vaping?
No, this nic salt is designed for mouth-to-lung kits to deliver the best flavour and satisfaction.

What makes Pod Salt e-liquids special?
Pod Salt e-liquids are formulated using nicotine salts, providing a smoother and faster nicotine hit compared to traditional e-liquids.


11mg, 20mg

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