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Love Coffee Bueno Iced Coffee 50ml


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Love Coffee Bueno Iced Coffee 50ml

Introducing the irresistible Love Coffee Bueno Iced Coffee 50ml. If you’re in search of an e-liquid that artfully combines the cherished flavours of smooth hazelnut, decadent chocolate, delicate wafer, and the invigorating essence of ice-cold coffee, you’ve discovered the epitome of vaping indulgence. Love Coffee Bueno Iced Coffee is meticulously crafted to provide you with an extraordinary vaping experience that harmoniously melds these beloved elements, making each puff a journey into flavour paradise.


Hazelnut, Chocolate, Wafer, and Coffee Fusion: Love Coffee Bueno Iced Coffee presents a delightful fusion of four iconic elements. On one hand, you have the velvety nuttiness of hazelnut, offering a smooth and creamy base. Next, there’s the rich decadence of chocolate, adding depth and sweetness to the blend. Delicate wafer notes contribute a hint of crispiness and texture. Lastly, the invigorating essence of ice-cold coffee ties it all together, providing a refreshing and energizing finish. Together, these flavours create a symphony of taste that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

50ml Bottle: Each bottle of Love Coffee Bueno Iced Coffee contains 50ml of e-liquid, ensuring you have an ample supply to enjoy your favourite coffee-inspired vape for an extended period. The generous size allows you to savour this exquisite blend without the need for frequent refills.

Versatile Vaping: This e-liquid is compatible with a wide range of vape devices, making it accessible to both novice and experienced vapers. Whether you prefer a discreet pod system or a powerful mod setup, Love Coffee Bueno Iced Coffee delivers a satisfying and flavourful vaping experience.

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