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Loaded Blueberry Crepe by Ruthless 120ml


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Loaded Blueberry Crepe by Ruthless 120ml

Ruthless presents ‘Loaded Blueberry Pancake’ in a big 120ml container, a vaping experience that will take your taste senses to new heights. This flavour fusion masterpiece blends delicious blueberries with a warm, doughy doughnut to create an extraordinary vaping experience that you won’t be able to resist.


The rich and luscious notes of ripe blueberries beautifully blend with the soothing taste of a newly cooked doughnut in the Flavour Fusion: Loaded Blueberry Crepe. With each inhalation, you’ll get a sweet explosion of blueberries, followed by the decadent, doughy overtones that make this e-liquid absolutely unique. It’s a symphony of flavours that dance on your tongue, creating a lasting taste experience that entices you to return for more.

Large Capacity: Say goodbye to frequent refills! Loaded Blueberry Crepe comes in a huge 120ml bottle, allowing you to vape for an extended period of time without the inconvenience of regular refilling. Whether you’re taking a brief vape break or a longer session, this large volume container will keep you going, enabling you to enjoy your favourite flavour without interruptions.

Loaded, recognised for its commitment to quality, has gone above and above to develop Blueberry Pancake. Each drop of this e-liquid captures the essence of a cherished delight, and has been painstakingly designed to deliver the most genuine and pleasurable vaping experience. Loaded’s dedication to quality shows through in every bottle, providing constant quality you can rely on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What flavour profile does Loaded Blueberry Crepe have?
Loaded Blueberry Crepe combines delicious blueberries with warm, doughy doughnut flavours to provide a harmonic and satisfying vaping experience.

What is the bottle size of Ruthless’ Loaded Blueberry Pancake?
Loaded Blueberry Crepe comes in a huge 120ml container, providing plenty of e-liquid to enjoy without the need for regular refills.

Is Loaded well-known for the quality of their e-liquid?
Without a doubt! Loaded is well-known for producing high-quality e-liquids, and Loaded Blueberry Crepe is no exception. Each drop captures the spirit of the cherished dessert it is based on.

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