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Klik Klak Vape By Element

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Klik Klak Vape By Element

Discover the vaping of the future with Klik Klak Vape By Element. Our ground-breaking innovation offers an unparalleled blend of convenience, adaptability, and flavour, revolutionising the vaping experience.


Devices that are magnetically connected are available from Klik Klak
 guaranteeing a safe and simple connection between your vaping accessories.
Dealing with difficult threading or loose pieces is over.
Explore a variety of alternative flavour combinations with Klik Klak Vape’s variable flavour combinations. Combine flavours to make your own unique, personally preferred vaping experience.
Large E-Liquid Capacity:
Each device has a 2ml e-liquid capacity, which will allow you to have plenty of vaping sessions. Together, the two devices have an astounding 4ml capacity, allowing for nonstop enjoyment.
Discover a variety of 10 single flavours that were created just for Klik Klak Vape.
Our variety has something for every taste, from traditional favourites to uncommon mixtures.



Raspberry Lemonade


Peach Ice

Aloe Grape

Super Sour


Tropical Fruit


Blue Sour Raspberry



Do I need to buy the flavours separately or are they already filled?
The 10 single flavours come with your purchase of Klik Klak Vape By Element. You don’t need to purchase them individually because they are available for use right out of the box.

How does magnetic pairing operate?
For simple pairing, Klik Klak Vape uses magnetic technology. The two devices will securely clasp together when brought close to one another, assuring a flawless connection each and every time.

Can I combine flavours from various sets?
Definitely! Klik Klak Vape is made for experimenting with flavours. You are welcome to combine flavours from other sets to create your own special vaping experience.


Raspberry Lemonade, Ice, Peach Ice, Aloe Grape, Super Sour, Watermelon, Tropical Fruit, Pineapple, Blue Sour Raspberry, Passion

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