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Kingston Tropical Fruit Berries


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Kingston Tropical Fruit Berries

Discover the world of vaping with our special “Kingston Tropical Fruit Berries.” We present you with an outstanding vape flavour that mixes nostalgia with a rush of fruity sweetness as a trusted name in the market. Examine the specifics of this fascinating shortfill alternative.


Unrivalled Flavour Characteristics: Kingston Tropical Fruit Berries has unrivalled flavour characteristics. The essence of your favourite gum is captured in our Original Bubblegum, while Berry Fusion enriches it with fruity delight.

Convenience of Shortfill: Our shortfill design guarantees that you have more of your favourite flavour in each bottle, providing you with longer-lasting delight.

Quality Control: We take pleasure in our dedication to quality and safety. Our product is rigorously tested to guarantee that it meets the highest requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a vape shortfill product?
A shortfill is a bigger vape juice container that is not entirely filled, allowing for the addition of nicotine shots if required.

What is the flavour of Original Bubblegum?
It tastes just like the sweet and nostalgic traditional bubblegum you remember as a kid.

Is it possible to combine Kingston Tropical Fruit Berries with other flavours?
While it’s best consumed on its own to appreciate the unique flavour combination, you may experiment with blending it with other suitable flavours for a more personalised experience.

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