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Kingston Strawberry Ice Cream Luxe Edition 100ml


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Kingston Strawberry Ice Cream Luxe Edition 100ml

Kingston Strawberry Ice Cream Luxe Edition 100ml shortfill delivers vaping excellence. The seductive flavours of luscious, sun-kissed strawberries and smooth, velvety cream combine in this outstanding e-liquid. It’s a delicious symphony that will tantalise your senses.


100ml Shortfill: Large capacity for prolonged pleasure, including room for nicotine shots.
Strawberry Bliss: Enjoy the luscious, sweet aromas of juicy strawberries.
Creamy Delight: The velvety creaminess counteracts the fruity aroma, resulting in a smooth aftertaste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to vape Kingston Strawberry Ice Cream Luxe Edition all day?
Without a doubt! It’s made for all-day vaping, so you can enjoy the delectable strawberry and cream combo without becoming overwhelmed.

How can I adjust the nicotine strength of this shortfill?
By adding nicotine shots to the shortfill, you can simply customise your nicotine amount. For the right balance, follow our instructions.

Is Kingston well-known for producing high-quality vape products?
Yes, Kingston is well-known for producing high-quality e-liquids. Their dedication to employing high-quality ingredients offers a pleasurable vaping experience.

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