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Kingston Strawberry Gazillions 100ml


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Kingston Strawberry Gazillions 100ml

Kingston Strawberry Gazillions 100ml is a vaping pleasure that goes beyond the usual. Dive into a world of absolute pleasure with three enticing flavours.


Classic Strawberry: Dive into the timeless aroma of juicy strawberries. Each puff bursts with delicious, juicy strawberry delight. It’s a flavour that never goes out of style, ideal for individuals who seek the comforts of home.

Tropical Delight: Take a flavour journey with a blend of exotic fruits accented with delectable strawberry undertones. Allow the tropical air to carry you away as you savour this one-of-a-kind mix. It’s a flavour symphony that will take you to a faraway paradise.

Creamy Strawberry Swirl: Enjoy the silky feeling of creamy notes that have been beautifully combined with delectable strawberries.

Strawberry vaping is elevated to a new degree of richness and delight with this flavour profile. Every puff is like eating a delicious strawberry dessert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these flavours compatible with all vape devices?
Yes, these flavours work with a variety of vaping equipment, including sub-ohm tanks and regular e-cigarettes.
How should I store this e-liquid in order to keep it fresh?
To retain flavour and quality, keep your Kingston Strawberry Gazillions e-liquid in a cool, dark area away from direct sunlight or severe temperatures.

Do you have alternative bottle sizes of Kingston Strawberry Gazillions 100ml? Kingston Strawberry Gazillions is now available in a 100ml shortfill bottle format.

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